high luster

Often there's nothing better suited to your favorite ride than a high luster polished wheel. Whether it be full polish, or a contrasting polish and paint combination, the dazzle of a polished forged aluminum wheel stands out like no other. That's why Schott Wheels turns out some of the best in the business.

Choose from our Unique Color Options
Schott Wheels - black
bl  ack
Schott Wheels - blue-titanium
bl  ue-titanium
Schott Wheels - bronze
br  onze
Schott Wheels - charcoal
ch  arcoal
Schott Wheels - cobalt
co  balt
Schott Wheels - gold
go  ld
Schott Wheels - red-titanium
re  d-titanium
Schott Wheels - satin-mag
sa  tin-mag
Schott Wheels - silver
si  lver
Schott Wheels - tactical-grey
ta  ctical-grey
Schott Wheels - titanium
ti  tanium
Schott Wheels - tungsten
tun  gsten

Ceramic paint coatings are a revolution in the world of paints. We've taken these coatings and put them to good use on our custom forged wheels. These coatings are all matte finish, and have a very high temperature ceiling. This high ceiling allows the coatings to be applied before final wheel assembly, creating more options as to how they can be applied, as well as accuracy. At only about 1 mil thickness, it's particularly ideal for Schott Wheels tight tolerances.

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attention to detail

Brush finish is an option that can be added to most wheel, giving it a raw, yet refined look. There's only one way to put down such a finish, and that's by hand. Each wheel is meticulously treated to handcrafted work that takes a lot of time to perform, and it shows.

multiple colors

Sometimes only multiple colors will do! Multiple ceramic paints colors can be added to most wheel designs to personalize like no other.


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