eXposed Lug Series

Two-Piece eXposed Lug Series
eXposed Lug series are forged wheels with the same level of quality as all Schott wheels that came before them. For those who prefer the appearance of an open lug wheels, they’re crafted with precision and are custom built with numerous options for a perfect fit.
Each wheel begins with a forging process that uses heat and tremendous force to compress Aerospace grade aluminum alloy into a desired shape, then it's precisely heat treat tempered. This creates high density molecular grain flow that's a perfect material foundation to produce strong, light and brilliantly finished wheels.
The next step is to reveal the beauty hidden within, by way of intensive design, expert engineering and State of the Art CNC capabilities. These virtues of manufacturing are all done in house by our experience team of craftsman, and allow us to produce the highest quality wheel possible.
Our passion for precision manufacturing, creative design and an excellent customer experience can be simply summed up as, Next Level!